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Self Love

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

There is no need to be apologetic about how YOU align with GOD. Your connection to GOD is for you. If you don't align with the world's precedent, love yourself enough to release from the fear of indifference. Properly nurturing your soul means you provide yourself with the care that grounds you and energizes your magnetic flow.

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My spirit is weak and My heart is heavy...... Sometimes.....I allow myself to be vulnerable in a situation with so many red flags.... This too....shall pass.

Sometimes sadness is exactly what the heart needs to shift out of something you need to release in the first place..... So take it.....embrace it.....that's for you.

We are always submitting ourselves to so many outward challenges in life....... It's time to the challenge within..... Love Yourself....Embrace the cries of the soul...Nurture the wounds

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