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Tia Nauru

I promote energetic healing through the vibration of words, sound and color. I AM an Intuitive Empath who assist with raising your vibrational patterns through awareness and intuitive spiritual guidance.

This site contains 4 points of healing and awareness that are all intuitively inspired and led .Conversations & Manifestations, Love Notes, Gem Sessions and Divine Flow are the healing tools used to assist you on your Self Love Journey.

Here you'll find  poetic quotes and thought processes, conversational moments for manifesting change in your life, intuitively led tarot readings for general spiritual guidance and divinely inspired poetic videos.

We all reach the crossroads of our life where we are faced with the decision of settling in a reality and routine of living that we feel far removed from; or taking a new path and going on a journey of self love, self realization and awareness.  Everyone of us has our own unique journey that will reveal our authentic nature to us and all whom we interact with.

As a light worker I desire to assist you as you take the initial steps forward.


Be Love, Be Authentic and Trust your intuitive process!

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